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23 Million Pallets and Counting

We are proud to be Western Canada's largest pallet manufacturer

Located in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada

  • For 60 years we have been a company built around expertise... and that value lives on in our products and service today
  • We manufacturer Block Pallets, Stringer Pallets, North American Standards, CHEP standard, CPC standard and custom pallets
  • Pallet Repair and Recycling Service for tens of thousands of pallets every year
  • Shipping and Customer Service to anywhere in North America or Asia Pacific

"Pacific Pallet offers professional service for all your pallet and pre-cut lumber needs" - Stephan Harms, CEO

A North American Standard

Over 1.9 billion pallets are used in North America every single day. Over 1 billion new pallets are produced every year. They are used by the Food, Chemical, Government, Steel, Dairy, Beverage and Paper industries. Pallets are the accepted standard for the transport, handling and storage of goods due to their simplistic design, cost effectiveness, and easy re-use and recycling.

Unparalleled Six Decades of Experience

Pacific Pallet has been in business over 60 years in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada. That experience is proof of our ongoing commitment to our customers, and has enabled us to have perfected the minute details of manufacturing for a diverse North American market.

Our customers and expertise encompass a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Paper
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Commercial Fishing and Fish Farms
  • Nurseries
  • Government
  • Heavy and Light Industrial Manufacturing

Proven Product Quality

Pacific Pallet uses state-of-the-art machinery combined with quality wood products to continue a reputation as the industry leader in delivering quality pallets. Viking and Storti automated manufacturing lines produce consistent, high-quality pallets. The quality of the nails and the nailing process is responsible for 30% of pallet integrity, and we surpass industry standards with the use of high-gauge Ardox nails.

Unmatched Service

We deliver to anywhere in North America or Asia Pacific, with delivery originating from our manufacturing plant in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Our customers define our 60 years of success, and we take pride in meeting your special order requirements, product and delivery needs.

Pacific Pallet has often helped our customers in difficult/emergency situations arising from surprise orders, such as immediately increasing production or offering stocking options for immediate delivery. Same day and next day deliveries are available, and an account manager is assigned to each account so that our customers are always serviced by somebody who knows about the product and our customers' unique needs and buying patterns.