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Our Products & Services

Pacific Pallet offers a wide range of products and services backed by over 60 years of experience. Today, our company manufactures and repairs pallets. We also sell pre-cut lumber both across North America and in Asia, and we offer a range of specialty products suited to specific industry needs.

We manufacture new pallets at our automated assembly plant using a range of wood materials to suit your needs. We specialize equally in Block and Stringer pallets, with lumber quality to match your intended use.

We also repair and sell used pallets at very competitive pricing and in large quantities. Used pallets are ideal for firms that do not regularly use pallets or require pallets for limited use (ie. one-way shipping).

Our Specialty Product line is an increasingly large component of our business. We have the facilities and knowledge in wood products to manufacture nearly anything to suit your needs: specialty pallets, crates, bins, greenhouse benches, etc. If you have a wood product in mind that needs to be manufactured, or an existing non-wood product that you think could be manufactured more economically with wood, please contact us!

New Pallets

Pacific Pallet manufactures both Stringer and Block pallets. Stringer pallets are more economical for short-term use, while block pallets allow for greater flexibility due to the fact that they can be accessed from all sides.

New standard size pallets include:

Pacific Pallet's longstanding relationships with major players in the lumber industry give Pacific Pallet an edge on competitors in being able to offer custom thicknesses of boards and stringers to meet the most demanding of weight loads.

Two styles of pallets are stocked at all times and stocking options are available to help with JIT methods of emergency orders. The yard is 100% asphalt to keep pallets clean from mud and away from any possible damage.

We also offer heat-treated pallets, which are required for certain industries as well as pallets that cross international borders. We are fully certified in offering heat-treated pallets to fit your company's legal requirements

Whether it is 2-way flush, 4-way flush, winged, heavy duty, solid top or custom sized pallet, Pacific Pallet can build it. Call us for a quote!

Used Pallets - Inventory In-Stock

Used Pallets are extremely cost-effective for certain use cases, including one-way shipments, small quantities for customers who don't always use pallets, the farm industry and many others. We sell used pallets in both small and large quantities, with the guarantee that our used pallets have been repaired for any structural damage.

If you are unsure if Used Pallets would be a good choice for your needs, please contact us for both quotes and further details about the preferred use cases for Used Pallets.

A large stock of used pallets is maintained to meet high volume orders:

Pallet Repair

We have many customers who handle medium and large quantities of branded pallets within their organization and industry. Like any product, pallets do experience everyday "wear-and-tear", and it is often very cost-effective to simply repair a pallet rather than recycle it. This is particularly true if you have large quantities of pallets in need of repair, and thus can easily ship your pallets to us in bulk, thus minimizing transport costs. We repair all types of pallets (blocks, stringer) and also offer our customers pallet storage in our yard should our customers not have enough storage in their own facilities.


There are strict government guidelines and rules when shipping with wood packaging material and it always suggested to use a long-standing registered and reputable pallet manufacturer such as Pacific Pallet. As a member of the CWPCA (Canadian Wood Packaging and Container Association), Pacific Pallet can provide the most up-to-date information regarding International shipping and change of rules and regulations.

In keeping with our commitment to international shipping standards, Pacific Pallet is licensed to manufacture and sell Certified Heat Treated Pallets, both new and used.

Pre-Cut Lumber

We have extensive experience selling our customers both high- and low-grade lumber across North America. As part of our offerings, we sell fully treated lumber that complies with all government regulations. Please contact us for more information.

Specialty Products and Nurseries

At Pacific Pallet, we are experts at wood products in general. We have experience selling the following:

Wood can often be substituted for other materials in existing product designs, and tends to be highly cost-effective, repairable, flexible (for handling induced stresses) and lighter than alternative materials on the market. Please contact us if you have a product design in mind that you would like to have manufactured using wood. We are always pursuing new specialty wood product lines to suit our customers' needs. Contact us!


Third-party freight carrier are used by some pallet suppliers as their only way of getting pallets delivered to you and the expenses are passed along in delivery fees or built-in to the pricing. These supplies are constrained by the third-party's availability, which limits their ability to respond to your demands.

Pacific Pallet owns a fleet of vans and flat decks for local orders and third parties are used upon request for long hauls. We offer our own delivery as an at-cost service to our customers, creating savings and offering increased delivery flexibility.