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Innovative Technology


Pacific Pallet uses state-of-the-art machinery combined with quality wood material to continue a reputation as an industry leader in delivering quality-built products. Our automated manufacturing lines produce consistently built pallets, on-spec, every time.

The quality of the nails and nailing process can add up to 30% more weight load to a pallet. We surpass industry standards with the use of high-gauge nails, helically threaded for added tensile strength.

Machine-driven nails allow the proper speed for the nail to spiral firmly attaching the two boards. A handgun-driven nail can be set to go faster and at variable angles, but can tear the fiber. Our choice of nail type combined with years of experience in machine nailing adds to the quality and strength of our machine-built pallets.

Software Technology

We use advanced Pallet Design Software to help our customers understand the relationship between design and pallet capacity.

We provide drawings to illustrate pallet dimensions and arrangement of components, along with all materials used, foot board measure, structural analysis & more. These data sheets help customers better understand the relationship between the DESIGN & PERFORMANCE of their pallet. Our goal is to find savings without compromising pallet quality and strength.


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