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Our Services


Pacific Pallet provides:

  1. Designated Client Account Managers
  2. Pallet Delivery & Logistics Solutions
  3. Yard Stock & Pallet Warehousing
  4. Pallet Design Services
  5. HT Stamping- Pallet Heat Treatment
  6. Pallet Float Maintenance Program

Account Management

We learn our customers’ palletization process, product lines & unit load requirements. Our account managers track buying patterns, transport & storage needs. We will integrate pallet specs & unit load requirements within our Production Systems & QC Processes. Our adoption to new technologies has enabled our customer service to be fast & reliable.

Pallet Deliveries

By using our own trucks, we can offer significant cost-savings with added reliability. We have 4 loading docks & 2 flatdeck loading areas to service multiple customers simultaneously. Third party carriers are welcome to schedule pick-ups.

Pallet Yard Stock

We stock thousands of customer pallets for scheduled orders and aim to ensure each pallet is stored with proper air flow and optimal humidity. Wood is a natural product and needs to breathe. How pallets are stored can affect the look and condition of the pallets. We ensure that all pallets delivered to customers meet all requirements.

Pallet Design Services

We design & build pallets for some of the largest pallet users in the country. We provide CAD drawings showing the dimensions & arrangement of the pallet components, as well as all materials used in its construction.

Here’s how pallet software works:

  1. First, we classify a pallet based on handling requirements.
  2. We then adjust block or stringer number, dimensions, and location.
  3. Determine size and number of top & bottom deck-boards. NOTE: less boards will increase gap size and can lower cost per pallet.
  4. Input fastener specifications and lumber information.
  5. Characterize load, container specifications, and stacking patterns.
  6. Specify support and handling conditions, and service environment.
  7. Compare safe working load with specified load to verify strength.
  8. Review and modify where needed to suit requirements & budget.

HT Stamping for Export Pallets

Our facility is ISPM-15 Program certified. See details on International Wood Packaging heat-treatment program. We provide HT stamping for pallets designated for overseas and any requests for custom branding or pallet painting.

Customized Pallet Maintenance Program

For our large volume customers that own their own pallet float, we provide full service pallet repair. Our customized service includes but not limited to pallet sorting, pallet culling, full repair, pick-up and delivery. We also include detailed reports on pallet recovery and associated costs.

Our goal is to anticipate customer needs and to develop trusted relationships so you can experience stress-free pallet buying.


We know what customers need & expect